Corruption Prevention Commission of the Republic of Armenia

An Initiative on Enlarging the Scope of Declarant was Submitted


The asset declaration system development and reforms are one of the activity priorities of the Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials and the Commission submitted recommendations to the RA Government on November 11, 2016 that foresees the expansion of the scope of public officials who are obliged to submit declarations to the Commission. Particularly, recommendations intended to stipulate a declaration submission obligation for all the prosecutors, the highest public service positions at the administrations of the President of the Republic of Armenia, National Assembly, bodies adjunct to the RA Government, ministries, state agencies operating in their governance system, Special Investigation Service, RA Investigative Committee and Investigative Committee’s Department, tax and customs services, RA Police, judicial and diplomatic services, regional administrations and permanently functioning bodies established by laws, the representatives of highest commanding staff of the RA Armed Forces, the chiefs of communities with the population of higher than 15.000 and their deputies.