Corruption Prevention Commission of the Republic of Armenia

The Declarations of the Officials will Be United


By the adoption of the RA Law on “Public Service” on 23 March of 2018, the necessary legal preconditions for the effective functioning of Corruption Prevention Commission to be established on the grounds of the Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials, as well as in that context for the proper application of the declaration analysis have been established. The Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials had a great role in the elaboration process of the draft law, the legislative recommendations of which were approved and included in the law.
In essence, the content of the declarations of high-ranking officials were united: the family members of the declarant high-ranking official will declare the data regarding their property and income as of the day of assumption or the termination of the position, which will enable to have a full picture of the property status of the family member.
According to the current legislative regulation, the family members of the declarant official submit only annual declarations, the content of which is not identical with the content of the annual declaration submitted by the high-ranking declarant official. For example, the section of the “Financial means” is absent from the annual declaration of the family member of the high-ranking declarant official (with the exception of the spouse). In terms of content, the declaration related regulations have been reviewed, as a result of which, particularly the thresholds for acquisition and alienation of the property and securities, as well as delivery and refund of the loans subject to declaration have been eliminated.
In the conditions of the current legislative regulations, the family members of the declarant high-ranking official (except for the spouse) declare the above mentioned transaction in case, if in the fiscal year the total amount (price) of the latter exceeded the respective threshold as prescribed by the law.
The new legislative regulations will enter into force from January of 2019 due to the technical re-equipment of the electronic declaration system.