Corruption Prevention Commission of the Republic of Armenia

Elaboration of Integrity System Infrastructures


In accordance with the new RA Law on “Public Service”, an integrity system has been established in public service.
   The persons holding public positions are obliged to maintain
   • Codes of conducts
   • incompatibility requirements,
   • other restrictions,
   • conflict of interests regulations.

The integrity system was institutionalized. The institute on integrity issues was established. The relations of ethics commission was regulated, the boundaries of jurisdiction, as well as the cooperation with the Corruption Prevention Commission were clarified.
The interest declaration system was established.
The Commission has initiated studies of the integrity issues on the topics of “The Restrictions of Other Activities of the High-Ranking Officials” and “Conflict of Interest in the State Procurement Procedures”. By their outcomes, cases were taken out and recommendation were submitted to the RA Government.
An analysis on the ethics, conflict of interest, activity restrictions defined by the Republic of Armenia Law on “Public Service” as well as by other laws defining the characteristics of other sectors of public service and in that regard legislative regulations for the application of liability measures was conducted. The later ensured a ground for the enshrinement of the provisions with the alleged unified and harmonized policy implementation.