Corruption Prevention Commission of the Republic of Armenia

It is possible to follow the information about the property and income declared by the public officials on the YouTube page of the Commission


The Corruption Prevention Commission publishes videos on the CPC Armenia YouTube channel on a daily basis in order to make the information more transparent about the property, income and expenses of persons holding public office and having the obligation to fill out a declaration.

The Commission attaches great importance to public oversight in preventing corruption in our country. The implementation of measures aimed at public awareness also stems from the international obligations assumed by Armenia, including the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.

CPC Armenia's YouTube channel also includes videos published by mass media about the work carried out by the Commission, as well as video guidelines for filling out the types of declarations defined by the mandate of the Commission's activities.

Citizens will be able to learn about corruption prevention and information about public officials and journalists will be able to prepare investigative materials, presenting solid facts by subscribing to the CPC Armenia YouTube channel.