Corruption Prevention Commission of the Republic of Armenia

Human Resource Management in the Corruption Prevention Commission


Sargis Mirzoyan, an expert in human resource management of the Corruption Prevention Commission, presented information on the recruitment of the staff of the Commission and the requirements to the staff in a question-and-answer format.

What HR policy has the Commission adopted?
To equip the staff with as many professional specialists as possible, who in their image, in any behavior, and in internal beliefs will be identical to the mission of prevention and rejection of corruption, will show zero tolerance for corruption and will be ready to contribute to the establishment of the institution of prevention of corruption to the best of their ability, bringing a significant part of the society to the law-aware field, will be ready to arm themselves with new professional knowledge, skills and abilities, in the process of institutionalization of the Commission, they will contribute not only to increasing the efficiency of work, but also to set a higher qualitative and quantitative benchmark.

How is the recruitment process of the Commission's staff carried out?
Commission staff within the meaning of the Civil Service Law includes autonomous, discretionary public positions, civil service positions, and civil service and maintenance positions. The tender process for filling civil service positions is carried out almost entirely automatically through the civil service information platform - and Recruitment of discretionary, civil work and technical maintenance positions takes place through open tenders. The recruitment process is carried out through the Commission's official website and social platforms, the civil service information platform - and, as well as, as a result of interdepartmental cooperation, in close cooperation with human resources officials, universities, personal e-mails and through Commission vacancy announcements posted on official websites.

Does the Commission have a staffing problem?
Yes, at the moment we have a problem of filling 14 positions in the Commission, in particular, an information technology specialist.

What specialists does the Commission need?
Primarily for professionals majoring in law, finance, accounting and auditing, economics and business administration.

Who can get a job at CPC?
Persons with higher education, at least one year of public service experience, or at least one year of professional work experience in the fields of finance, credit, financial economics, or law, or at least one year of relevant professions.

What was the change in the number of staff in the Commission during the last 2 years? Present quantitative data.

On September 10, 2020, the RA Government's decision 1500-A approved the Commission's staff list consisting of 40 positions. As of August 15, the staff list of the Commission was approved with 57 staff units (53, then 55 and 57).