Our Repats: Araz Kekejian

10 December 2019

Meet one of the young faces of Armenia’s thriving tech scene: Araz Kekejian. Moving to Armenia from Beirut in 2016, she is currently a Project Manager at Ameriabank - leveraging her background in Data Science to help implement innovative, digitally-driven solutions.
Though she grew up heavily involved in the Armenian community back in Lebanon, Araz was inspired by the “new energy” she felt in Yerevan. Beyond emotional ties, professional incentives made it opportune to move her life here. She decided to pursue a Master’s in Data Science at AUA, later leading a workshop at Girls in Tech about data mining. Interested in her background and profile, Ameriabank approached her directly about working with them.

While the country is quickly developing into a major IT hub, Araz notes that there’s still a lack of professionals in the field. That being said, there are many opportunities to learn and kickstart an amazing career - whether you’re from outside Yerevan, or in the global diaspora community. “The revolution began changing mindsets, pushing people to better themselves. If we all do our best, there’s nothing we cannot overcome.”

Interested in learning more about why millennials repatriate? Check out Araz’s interview with Repat Armenia:

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