Listen and read Armenian

26 March 2020

Today, we offer 3 interesting ways for our Diaspora youth to make Armenian an integral part of their daily lives.
Let's watch and Armenian language film today:
? The film "The Line" or more commonly known as "Life and Struggle," by director Mher Mkrtchyan:
Listen to some contemporary renditions of Armenian songs, why not also sing along?
? Project LA's rendition of "Who Shall I Meet," the lyrics are taken from a poem written by Charents:,
? Rafael Patkanyan's famous lullaby “Come My Nightingale” performed by Serj Tankian and Larisa Ryan:
?Nemra band's rendition of Armenian folk song "Nare" :
Of course, we can't have a lesson in Armenian without some reading? Today we suggest you read
?Avetik Isahakyan's educational tale, "The Most Useful Thing" :

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