ArmGov Highlights Our Office's Repatriation Work

10 January 2022

Repatriation is quickly becoming a daily trend in Armenia. Particularly encouraging is seeing entire families make the move together. ArmGov highlights one such example - Tatevik Zuerker moved to Armenia from Germany with her husband and daughter in September 2020 through our Office’s iGorts program for Diaspora specialists.

Our Office continues to provide support and assistance with all repatriation questions and concerns. We recently held “Repatriation Week”, an entire week with online and offline events directed toward different Diaspora communities considering repatriation, which focused on various topics of interest and was conducted in various languages. Check out the full segment starting at minute 14:25.

Սփյուռքի Գլխավոր Հանձնակատարի Գրասենյակ Diaspora High Commissioner's Office