High Commissioner Attends Gagarin Project Presentation

11 January 2022

High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan was invited to attend an informational event on the Gagarin Project, whose aim is the sustainable development of a self-sufficient community with innovative techniques, which will contribute to the well-being, creativity, and happiness of its people. Gagarin Project is funded and run by the DAR Foundation for Regional Development and Competitiveness, which was founded by Diaspora Armenians, the Aghajanyan family, in 2006.

Over the last two years, the DAR Foundation for Regional Development and Competitiveness has undertaken a large-scale territorial developmental project in the villages of Gagarin, Geghamavan, Ddmashen, Zovaber, Tsaghkunk, and Varser near Lake Sevan in the Gegharkunik Region.

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