The High Commissioner received the Secretary of State of Poland

16 May 2023

High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan received the delegation led by Authorized representative of the government for Diaspora and Poles Abroad, Secretary of State Jan Dziedziczak. Honorary Consul of Armenia in Poland Hrachya Boyajyan was also present at the meeting.

Expressing gratitude to the Polish colleague for the visit to Armenia, Zareh Sinanyan presented the activities of the office and the main directions of work. «Our priorities are the development of the Armenia-Diaspora cooperation and encouragement of the repatriation process. We develop and implement the Armenia-Diaspora strategy, serve repatriates, create repatriation infrastructures, implement a number of programs aimed at attracting the potential of Diaspora and activating young people,» noted Zareh Sinanyan.

«Thank you for the warm welcome. We are proud of the great history that the Armenian community has in Poland. They have always stood by the Polish people,» emphasized  Jan Dziedziczak. Presenting the history of the Polish Diaspora, the Secretary of State noted that now more than 20 million Poles live outside Poland, the majority of whom are in the United States, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, England, Lithuania, Belarus and other countries.

The Secretary of State presented in detail the programs and funding provided by the state for the Polish Diaspora, which have educational, cultural, cognitive and other directions. He noted that there are 1300 schools in the Polish Diaspora, which the state tries to support as much as possible, and then referred to the process of repatriation. «The repatriation process is also a priority for us. We always call on our Polish compatriots to be proud of their roots, homeland and culture,» emphasized  Jan Dziedziczak, presenting the forms of support provided by Poland to repatriates, the process of obtaining citizenship.

At the end of the meeting, the High Commissioner also thanked Honorary Consul of Armenia in Poland, Hrachya Boyajyan, for being a bridge between the office and the Polish-Armenian community and for his active activities.

The Secretary of State, in his turn, invited the High Commissioner to Poland.

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