A meeting with the founders of the educational platform M.A.M

24 May 2023

High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan met with founders of the M.A.M online educational platform Marine Ghazaryan and Meline Ghazaryan. They presented innovative approaches to teaching Armenian in Diaspora and directions of their activities.

The founders thanked the office staff for their close cooperation, which contributed to raising awareness of the educational platform in the communities. In addition, the platform actively works with graduates and participants of the «Diaspora Youth Ambassador» and «IGorts» programs of our office.

The High Commissioner stressed the importance of teaching Armenian in Diaspora and modern approaches created by the platform.

It should be reminded that M.A.M platform offers online courses on the Armenian language, history and culture for both children and adults.

You can find out more about the activity of the platform by visiting the linк 

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