The High Commissioner is participating in the European Economic Forum

06 September 2023

Within the framework of Armenia-Poland collaboration on diasporan issues, and at the invitation of Poland’s Government Plenipotentiary for the Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad Jan Dziedziczak, High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan is participating as a speaker at the 32nd European Economic Forum.

The three day forum is being held in the Polish city of Karpacz, hosting more than 4000 guests and over 1000 speakers in 400 discussions and events.

Zareh Sinanyan will speak during a panel discussion entitled “The Policy of States Towards Their Diasporas and Mutual Relations”, during which he will present the directions, programs, and strategic approaches of the Republic of Armenia’s collaboration with the Armenian Diaspora, as well as the possibilities of expanding cooperation with countries which have diaspora communities.


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