The Armenian Lawyers Assembly has been concluded

29 October 2023

The main theme of the last day of the Armenian Lawyers Assembly, organized by the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, was about the protection of Armenian interests and the legal issues related to supporting them. The session was attended by 250 Diaspora Armenian lawyers from over 30 countries.

Among the speakers of the panel discussion were Sara Athena Babaian, a member of the governing board of the German-Armenian Lawyers' Association, an international negotiation expert and dispute resolution specialist from the "Mediators Beyond Borders'' organization, Karen Tonoyan, co-chair of the Committee on Intellectual Property Law and Information Technologies of the American Armenian Bar Association and head of "Tono Law Group", Gaiane Shtoian, a member of the Association of Armenian Lawyers of Russia and a legal advisor and lawyer at "BGP Litigation" law firm, Raffi Kortoshian, Deputy Director of the Foundation for Research on Armenian Architecture. The session was chaired by Emma Arakelyan, founder and head of Orion Worldwide Innovations, founder of Orion Score, a world-class management consultant, and an angel investor.

The final discussion of the conference focused on the prospects of establishing a pan-Armenian network of Armenian lawyers.

The session was chaired by Sarah Anjargolian, senior adviser on public sector reforms, co-founder and board member of "Impact Hub Yerevan", multimedia journalist, former attorney of the US Department of Justice and former deputy Los Angeles City Attorney, political consultant, former Head of the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of the RA. The speakers included Vasken Sarkis, the founder-chairman of the Netherlands-Armenian Lawyers' Union, head of the "AVS Advocatenkantoor" legal office, the co-chairman of the British-Armenian Lawyers' Association, Andre Yeghizarian, co-chairman of the British-Armenian Lawyers Association, Jean-Vazgen Alyanakian, the President of the French-Armenian Lawyers' Association (AFAJA), Armenuhi Ashvanian, California Supreme Court (Criminal) Judge, American Armenian Bar Association Board Member, Sheila Paylan, Chair of the Board of the Armenian Women's Lawyers Association, and Sergey Brutyan, the Vice President of the Armenian Lawyers Association of Russia.

Afterwards, the Assembly continued with four parallel workshops on the following topics: "Developing a roadmap for cooperation on legislative reforms", "Developing a roadmap for cooperation on security and emergency situations as well as defending the rights of the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh", "Developing a roadmap on supporting and defending the Armenian national interests globally", and "Developing a roadmap on perspectives of creating the pan Armenian Lawyers Network globally".

The closing ceremony of the Assembly followed the summary of the workshop results.

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