A New Year's Festivity for Repatriated Kids

19 December 2023

A festive New Year gathering took place at the Repatriation and Integration Center, hosted for the children of repatriated families. Kids from various countries like Germany, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, the Philippines, Russia, France, and the United States participated in this event.

Hovhannes Aleksanyan, the repatriation affairs officer at the Office, extended a warm welcome, emphasizing the Center's role as a support hub for all members of repatriated families. He highlighted how this event offered a fantastic chance for the children to celebrate together, bond, and forge new friendships.

The event came together through a collaboration between the Repatriation and Integration Center and the Armenia branch of the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA).

Սփյուռքի Գլխավոր Հանձնակատարի Գրասենյակ Diaspora High Commissioner's Office