Zareh Sinanyan completed his visit to Ukraine

20 December 2023

Zareh Sinanyan concluded his visit to Ukraine by holding a series of meetings in Kyiv. Those involved discussions with representatives from Armenian organizations, governmental bodies, and business entities.

A meeting convened at the Armenian Embassy to Ukraine, where the Union of Armenians of Ukraine, Ambassador Vladimir Karapetyan, and Bishop Markos Hovhannisyan were present. The discussions during this session centered on multiple areas of emphasis, particularly highlighting youth programs geared towards nurturing closer connections between the Diaspora and Armenia.

Furthermore, while in Kyiv, the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs conversed with Viktor Yelensky, the head of the State Service of Ukraine for Ethnopolitics and Freedom of Conscience. The core of the conversation revolved around crucial initiatives concerning Ukraine's Armenian community, outlining potential collaborative programs in detail.

Additionally, Zareh Sinanyan held a meeting with Gagik Nersesyan, the co-founder of the Baker Tilly Ukraine International Audit Group and vice president of the Simul Fortes club. Levon Petrosyan, the head of the “Simul Fortes” business club, and Hayk Aghvanyan, the head of the “Armenian Initiative” Foundation, were also in attendance. The primary focus of the meeting was on discussing business networks within the Armenian Diaspora.

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