Meeting with the Armenian youth of Sydney

16 Fabruary 2024

During the High Commissioners visit to Sydney, he attended an engaging Meet & Greet event followed by a Q&A, aimed at Sydney’s youth. The event attracted many active youth from several organizations, including the Armenian Church Youth Organization, the Armenian Students Association, and the Armenian Youth Federation.

Mr. Sinanyan presented the Office’s programming and opportunities tailored for youth, engaging them in a candid conversation about Armenia, repatriation, and avenues for increased involvement.

Sydney’s Armenian youth expressed their desire to increase their involvement with Armenia through not only the Office's programs and initiatives, but with those of its partners.

The High Commissioner highlighted the importance of youth involvement with the Office, and the value it contributes.

The meeting concluded with an inspiring message from His Eminence Archbishop Haigazoun Najarian, who encouraged youth to be active participants in their Motherland.

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