Zareh Sinanyan met with Diana Hovakimyan, Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs in Poland

22 Fabruary 2024

High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan received Diana Hovakimyan, Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs in Poland and Director of the Polish-Armenian Foundation.

Diana Hovakimyan assumed the role of Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs in Poland in August 2023, appointed by the decision of the RA Prime Minister subsequent to the establishment of the Institute of Commissioners for Diaspora Affairs.

The meeting covered the Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs' activities in the Armenian community of Poland over the past six months, as well as discussions on community work and future plans. Diana Hovakimyan's active engagement in cultural, educational, and other aspects of Polish-Armenian life was emphasized.

Zareh Sinanyan stated, "Commissioners for Diaspora Affairs enhance our Office's networking capabilities, foster Armenia-Diaspora cooperation, and ensure stable relations among Armenian communities. We're prepared to appoint Commissioners where established Armenian communities seek to collaborate more effectively with Armenia. It's crucial that Commissioners are individuals respected within their communities, not sent from Armenia. We anticipate increased representation in communities and greater accessibility to community needs."

Commissioners for Diaspora Affairs are appointed publicly as advisors to the RA Prime Minister. This role is voluntary and unpaid.

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