Exploring Job Opportunities in Armenia for Repatriates

05 March 2024

An informative session titled "Job Opportunities in Armenia" took place at the Repatriation and Integration Center of the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs. Representatives from various countries including the USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, Russia, Iran, Ukraine, Georgia, Lebanon, Syria, and others attended the event.

Hovhannes Aleksanyan, in charge of repatriation matters at the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, delivered the opening address, emphasizing the initiative's aim to introduce state support programs and private sector opportunities in Armenia's labor market to repatriates, as well as to foster connections between repatriates and potential employers.

Throughout the session, Hrayr Hakobyan, leading the Unified Social Service Department of Cooperation and Labor Migration at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Marina Yesayan representing the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Economy, and Monika Matevosyan from the Ministry of High-Tech Industry, delivered presentations on state support programs.

Attendees also familiarized themselves with online job search platforms like "staff.am" and "job.am."

Levon Nalbandyan, founder of "job.am," stressed the significance of such meetings for repatriates, enabling them to grasp the intricacies of the Armenian job market."Repatriates can easily integrate into the Armenian labor market. This refers especially to those professionals who work in the field of IT, marketing, and related fields. Employees of the financial and banking sector may face some difficulties related to language and other issues, but this can also be overcome," noted Levon Nalbandyan, who returned to Armenia from the USA years ago. 

Participating in the event were companies like "Ucom," "Ecoville," "Zigzag," "Inecobank," "Dream of Bjni," "Yerevan Beer Factory," and "Newplast," as well as organizations such as “Television and Radio Broadcasting Network of Armenia”, the co-working space "Fabula," "Azat Mitq" center, and the vocational school "Qanon."   

Anoush Khodaverdi, having relocated from California, USA, to Armenia, attended the meeting with the aim of networking with potential employers.

"I am interested in the business sector, I am considering the position of project manager. I've been in Armenia for three years, until now I've worked online for an American organization, now I'm considering job opportunities at the local level," said Anoush Khodaverdi.

The meeting concluded with participants having the chance to submit their CVs and engage in preliminary interviews with potential employers.  

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