Zareh Sinanyan's Working Visit to Switzerland

07 March 2024

High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan embarked on a working visit to Switzerland. At the invitation of the Hakob Topalian Foundation of Geneva, he officiated the opening of the Armenian pavilion at the Geneva International Book Fair on March 6. The ceremony was attended by Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Switzerland Andranik Hovhannisyan, President of the Hakob Topalian Foundation Vahe Gabrash, Nicolas and Mischa Aznavour, along with several representatives of the Swiss Armenian community and distinguished guests.

In his address, Zareh Sinanyan highlighted the significance of the Geneva International Book Fair, which has grown to become the second largest in the Francophone world since its inception in 1986 and holds the top spot in Switzerland in terms of importance.

"It is a unique platform where thousands of readers, hundreds of authors, publishers, different generations of literature lovers from the French-speaking world meet and present their works, news, share experience and, why not, use one of the most important weapons of the 21st century: soft power," emphasized the High Commissioner. He expressed deep gratitude for the inclusion of Armenia, Armenian literature, history, and culture in a dedicated pavilion at the festival since 2011, courtesy of the Hakob Topalian Foundation, a valued partner of the Office.

"Dear Vahe Gabrash, I express our gratitude to you as the President of the Topalian Foundation for your continuous commitment and efforts to make Armenia’s participation in the pavilion a reality. This is not merely a book pavilion, but a forum where we make our state, history, and national path available to a part of the world. Indeed, this is a great mission that you have undertaken in addition to the important work that you carry out in the Swiss-Armenian community and Armenia itself," noted Zareh Sinanyan.

Ambassador of Armenia to Switzerland Andranik Hovhannisyan, President of the Hakob Topalian Foundation, Swiss-Armenian businessman, and philanthropist Vahe Gabrash, co-founder of the Aznavour Foundation Nicolas Aznavour, and Professor Alen Navara-Navasardyan from the University of Bologna, a doctor of art history and art sociology, also delivered speeches.

Additionally, during the event, students from the Topalian school performed songs by Charles Aznavour in honor of the world-famous chansonnier's 100th anniversary.

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