Meeting with the Armenian community of Zurich

11 March 2024

During his visit to Switzerland, High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan convened with representatives of the Armenian community of Zurich.

The meeting is facilitated by the AGBU Young Professionals Zurich branch. The meeting was moderated by Mike Baronian, president of the Swiss-Armenia Chamber of Commerce.

High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan began by introducing the programs and objectives of the Office, followed by addressing inquiries from attendees. These questions touched upon various topics including preservation of Armenian identity and education in the Diaspora, the development and security of Armenia, fostering genuine dialogue with the Diaspora, and exploring potential of the Diaspora’s involvement in Armenia.

The High Commissioner underscored the importance of adopting a state-centric approach within the Diaspora as a constructive method for safeguarding Armenian interests and fostering meaningful dialogue.

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