Zareh Sinanyan met with representatives of the "Children of the Regions" NGO

18 March 2024

High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan held a meeting with Mayis Margaryan, the head of "Children of the Regions," a non-governmental organization focused on socio-educational initiatives. The organization's primary objective is to nurture capable leaders across Armenia's diverse regions, fostering education, cooperation, and balanced development. Through their socio-educational program, children from different regions engage in a variety of educational and recreational activities, fostering connections with peers, gaining multidisciplinary knowledge and skills. These competencies are then utilized in implementing projects aimed at addressing diverse societal challenges.

The High Commissioner expressed sincere appreciation for the organization's impactful activities and mission in the regions, emphasizing their significant contribution. Additionally, he affirmed the readiness of the Office to uphold and further the cooperative efforts established during the Armenian National Youth Forum held the previous year.

"Our goal is to give the children living in the regions an opportunity to discover their homeland and create a friendship network that will contribute to the formation and promotion of future partnerships. The program also contributes to broadening the children's worldview and raising the educational level through excursions, non-formal education and other tools. We emphasize the development of state thinking and civil legal awareness, the activation of communication and the discovery of abilities of children living in the regions, which greatly helps them in getting an education and finding a job," said Mayis Margaryan.

He also noted that It's also crucial to involve the professional, scientific, educational, cultural, and financial potential of the Diaspora in these endeavors.

The guests also emphasized that the contacts and collaborations established within the framework of the Armenian National Youth Forum continue to endure, expressing optimism regarding their ongoing effective involvement in the programs and events implemented by the Office in the future.

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