Zareh Sinanyan Meets with Famous Armenian-American Actor Joe Manganiello

07 June 2024

High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan met with renowned Armenian-American actor Joe Manganiello, who was visiting Armenia for the first time at the invitation of the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF). Manganiello’s maternal great-grandmother survived the Armenian Genocide, during which her husband and seven of her children were killed, and her eighth child drowned in the Euphrates River while fleeing.

During his visit to the Office, Joe Manganiello mentioned that he toured various parts of Armenia and attended several meetings as part of his trip. He expressed his eagerness to maintain more active connections with Armenia.

Zareh Sinanyan thanked the renowned actor for his visit and for staying true to his roots, extending a warm invitation to the Global Armenian Summit set to take place in the fall.

As part of his visit, accompanied by the High Commissioner, Joe Manganiello also visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial and planted a tree in memory of his great-grandmother.

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