Our Repats: Tatev Petrossian

24 November 2019

Though adamant that “romanticism kills sustainable repatriation,” it’s hard to meet anyone as head-strong about the potential of living in Armenia than Tatev Petrossian.  Originally from France, she ultimately decided to base her innovative consulting firm, Revolve Consulting, out of Yerevan. While the move hasn’t been without its challenges, she’s confident that “great things never come from comfort zones.”

Passionate about Conscious Capitalism, Tatev has worked to put a spotlight on the potential of the “circular economic model” in Armenia - which aims to implement purposeful, sustainable business models without sacrificing profit. In her perspective, there is no better place to lay the groundwork for this shift: at their core, Armenians are resourceful and adaptable.

For any Diasporan considering repatriation, Tatev asserts this: “everyone in this generation has the power to succeed as an entrepreneur. . . if you come to Armenia with purpose, your initiative will find ground. Even if you come aimless, it is possible to identify gaps and opportunities and grow something from the ground up.”

To join the momentum “turning waste into wealth,” check out Tatev’s firm, Revolve Consulting, as well as Circular Economy Club Yerevan.
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