French-Armenian politician Patrick Devedjian has passed away due to COVID-19

29 March 2020

For several hours now, French media has been reporting that French-Armenian politician, President of the Hauts-de-Seine General Council, and former minister Patrick Devedjian has passed away due to COVID-19. High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan extended his deepest condolences to the relatives, friends and colleagues of the great Armenian, and to the French-Armenian Diaspora. In his letter of condolences, the Commissioner noted that Patrick Devedjian was a symbol of the French-Armenian friendship and the fraternal relations of the two countries; a man who dedicate his life to upholding the interests of the Armenian nation. “As a lawyer with a distinctive professionalism, a Mayor, a Minister, and President of the Hauts-de-Seine General Council, his mission was one: to advocate for the Armenian Cause and the development of both Armenia and France. Colleagues often described him as a unique combination of two ancient high civilizations. Patrick Devedjian's contribution to the fight for human rights and Armenian Genocide recognation, and agaisnt genocide denial in generall is unparalleled,” wrote Zareh Sinanyan. The Commissioner also expressed confidence that his image will serve as an example and guide for future generations to keep the homeland in their heart and soul no matter where they are in the world.

Սփյուռքի Գլխավոր Հանձնակատարի Գրասենյակ Diaspora High Commissioner's Office