Virtual meeting with volunteers from the Birthright Armenia organization

08 April 2020

On Wednesday, April 8th, the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan participated in a virtual meeting with volunteers from the Birthright Armenia organization. Over the course of the presentation, the High Commissioner detailed the history of our office, current programs and initiatives, and the comprehensive strategy for diaspora engagement set forth by the current administration. Rather than a one-way pipeline for remittances and philanthropic support that was evident in the past, the contemporary vision for Armenia-Diaspora relations is more of a “two-way street:” based on a symbiotic relationship rooted in mutual trust and strength.
While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the timeline of our Office’s programs and initiatives, the High Commissioner underlined how overarching goals have not wavered. Among these include facilitating maximum integration and unity between actors and institutions from Armenia and the Diaspora, setting the foundation necessary to encourage and support mass repatriation following decades of population decline, and prioritizing the strengthening of the national economy by removing barriers to investment.
The meeting welcomed Birthright volunteers from all over the world - Argentina, Ukraine, Uruguay, Lebanon, Russia, the United States and numerous other countries. Addressing this diverse group, Zareh Sinanyan underlined the importance of directly getting to know the character and concerns of their home communities through his working visits.
The meeting concluded with a Q&A session, during which many tough subjects were discussed candidly and constructively. The High Commissioner also discussed his personal background and professional journey towards assuming this new role in the Homeland. The meeting was concluded with both Zareh Sinanyan and Chief of Staff Sara Anjargolian reiterating how our office looks forward to welcoming Diasporans such as Birthright alumni to strengthen our team - encouraging them to apply to the iGorts program and look out for employment opportunities in the near future.

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