Diasporan Armenian Experts Start Working in the Armenian Government

01 September 2020

On September 1, the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs launched the “iGorts” program for Armenian experts from the Diaspora. 24 experts, part of the first round of participants hailing from countries such as Canada, Denmark, Russia, Lebanon, France, Norway, Israel, the Netherlands, and China, have arrived in Armenia. The COVID-19 pandemic did not prevent these experts from reaching the homeland and joining the Armenian government.

The participants of the first round have joined the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministries of Health, Labor and Social Affairs, Environment, Justice, High Tech Industry, Territorial Administration, Infrastructure, Education, Science, Culture and Sports, Economy, as well as the Central Bank, the Education Inspectorate, the Human Rights Defender, and the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs.

Today, High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan received and welcomed the first round of participants, expressing hope that they will have an unparalleled work experience in the homeland.

Many participants mentioned that this program is the beginning of their path to repatriation as they see their own future in Armenia. Afterward, the iGorts participants were introduced to their work schedule and responsibilities.

Director of Birthright Armenia, Sevan Kabakian and the co-founder of the Repat Armenia Foundation Vartan Marashlyan presented the peculiarities of working in state institutions and gave practical advice for rapid integration into the environment.

Due to COVID-19 and limited air travel, the remaining participants will arrive in Armenia at a later date.

Սփյուռքի Գլխավոր Հանձնակատարի Գրասենյակ Diaspora High Commissioner's Office