The war unleashed by Azerbaijan continues - Day 3

29 September 2020

Fights of various intensity continue in the Artsakh-Azerbaijan line of contact, accompanied by artillery preparations by the Azerbaijani side․ As of this moment the Armenian divisions have pushed back the attacks of the Azerbaijani armed forces at several directions of the line of contact, took counter measures in separate parts, causing huge losses to the adversary both in the manpower and the military equipment. In particular, early in the morning a group of adversary’s attacking armored equipment has been destroyed․

The Azerbaijani side is attempting to attack using artillery, UAVs and armored forces. The Defense Army units successfully stop the enemy's attacks, causing them significant losses of manpower and armored vehicles. According to the updated data, as a result of the actions of the Armenian fighters, the enemy lost 11 UAVs, including striking UAVs, 1 engineering armor, 4 armored personnel carriers “82A”, 5 tanks. The enemy also suffered large losses of manpower.

The Azerbaijani armed forces fired at the Vardenis military unit of the Armenian armed forces, and also used air forces in the direction of the positions. This operation was preceded by disinformation of the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan that Azerbaijan’s Dashkesan region was shelled from the Vardenis region by the the armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia. Thus, in fact, the enemy tried to prepare the ground for justifying their further actions.

The Azerbaijani side resumed large-scale offensive operations along almost the entire defensive line of the Artsakh Defense Army. In particular, TOS-1A heavy flamethrower systems are employed in some directions during offensive operations The use of TOS, Smerch and other large-caliber systems changes the philosophy and the scale of military operations, elevating them to the new level of escalation ladder. In this regard the Ministry of Defense warns that Armenian Armed Forces are compelled to use pieces of equipment and munitions designed to engage wide area targets. These assets are intended for large and indiscriminate destruction of manpower, and static and mobile property alike.

It this point  units of the Defense Army are confidently repelling all attempts of enemy attacks, causing heavy losses to equipment and manpower.

The F-16 multifunctional fighter jet of the Air Force of the Republic of Turkey struck the SU-25 jet of the Armenian Air Force in the airspace of the Republic of Armenia. The pilot, unfortunately, died heroically during the attack.

The F-16, according to objective monitoring oversight, was at 60km depth and 8200m altitude.


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