This is not an ordinary war

03 October 2020

Tough and fierce battles are taking place in the northern and southern directions of the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) border. "The adversary [Azerbaijan], concentrating large forces in these sections, has launched an attack. The Armenian [military] units are stopping the adversary's advance, causing [it] huge losses.

The  Defense Army of Artsakh managed to suspend today’s large-scale attack launched by the enemy. In one of the directions, our forces undertook a counterattack. In other flanks there are heavy defensive battles.

The Defense Army destroyed a large group of enemy armored vehicles preparing for attack, significant amounts of weapons and personnel. As a result, the enemy offensive plans failed in one of the directions.

At 8:26pm, the enemy shelled Stepanakert. At this moment, there are positional shootings of different intensity along the entire border. The

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has addressed to the Armenians all over the world. "Victory, only victory, is the only end that we foresee to this struggle. This is a new Sardarapat and each of us is obligated dedicate ourselves to one sole goal. Name of that goal is victory".


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