The war continues - day 7

04 October 2020

Despite numerous warnings, the Azerbaijani terrorist army continues targeting the civilian population in Stepanakert, using "Polonez" and "Smerch" multiple launch rocket systems.

From now on, military facilities permanently located in major cities of Azerbaijan became the targets of the Defense Army.  I call on the people of Azerbaijan to leave these cities as soon as possible to avoid possible casualties.

The full responsibility of the situation lies on the military-political authorities of Azerbaijan.

The enemy continues targeting civilian settlements, including the capital city of Stepanakert with banned weapons. The Defense Army of Artsakh is already delivering mighty blows against crucial military facilities stationed in the enemy’s deep rear. The responsibility for escalation of the conflict to yet another level squarely lies with Azerbaijan

"Azerbaijan will be facing horrible, awful consequences." Davit Tonoyan.

Answering to questions asked by “Zinuzh Media,” Armenian Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan calls the Azerbaijani leadership’s allegations of Armenia launching missiles against settlements in Azerbaijan fake.

The most pitched battles are taking place in the north and far south. The adversary is constantly trying to move forward,but as a result of the decisive actions of #DefenceArmy units, they continue to fail.


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