The third futile ceasefire. Azerbaijan continues to ignore the international community

26 October 2020

After the ceasefire agreement reached in the USA, which was to come into effect on October 26 at 8:00, the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan hastened to accuse the Armenian side of grossly violating the ceasefire before 8:00, but soon after removed that information. Minutes later, the MoD of Azerbaijan spread another misinformation, claiming that the Armenian side is attacking Azerbaijani positions in the Southern section with artillery.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Artsakh declares that the Defence Army is strictly following the agreements reached and that the accusations by the adversary not only do not correspond to reality, but are made in the context of preparing informational ground for further provocations by Azerbaijan.

Grossly violating the humanitarian ceasefire agreement reached in the USA, Azerbaijan has opened artillery fire at around 08:45 in the direction of the North-Eastern military positions in Artsakh.

Yet another ceasefire violation was recorded at around 09:10: the adversary targeted the positions in the South-Eastern direction, by firing five artillery shells.

Despite the new ceasefire agreement reached in the United States, Azerbaijani forces attacked the south-eastern sector of the Armenian front line, and continues to shell peaceful settlements.  In particular, at around 13:50, the enemy fired a m "Smerch" type missile volley fire in the direction of Zardarashen village in the Martuni region.

The defence Army is waging defensive battles to stop the Azerbaijani attacks and throw them back to their starting positions.

1 civilian killed and 2 wounded in Avetaranots village as a result of Azerbaijani missile attacks

The staff of the Human Rights Ombudsman of Artsakh received information that the Azerbaijani side, violating the humanitarian truce agreed on October 25, continued missile strikes on the civilian settlements of the Artsakh Republic.

During the day, a number of settlements were targeted, including the village of Avetaranots in the Askeran region, where an hour ago, from the fire of ''Smerch'' multiple rocket launcher, a civilian, Gevorg Hambardzumyan, was killed; and two civilians, Henrikh Adamyan and Andrey Hambardzumyan, were wounded.

Starting at 17:00, the intensity of fire along the entire length of the Artsakh border has increased.  The adversary  uses heavy weapons and rocket artillery, as well as armour against the positions of the Artsakh Defence Army.

Last night, Azeris used the cover of darkness and managed to capture Qubatlu (Sanasar) and move forward in some directions.

Early this morning, the Azerbaijani armed forces, their terrorist allies, as well as units of the armed forces of other countries, launched a large-scale offensive in the south-eastern direction, simultaneously shelling and bombing the cities of Artsakh. An official statement about civilian casualties has already been released.

Throughout the day, Azerbaijani assaults failed to break through the front. The adversary had perceived successes in some places, but our units managed to retake ground in a counter-attack and restore the front line.

In the forested mountains of the villages north of Hadrut, the search and destruction operations of subversive groups continue. Some subversive fleeing groups even abandoned their vehicles, but fighting continued in several villages.  Search and destroy missions continue in this sector.

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