01 November 2020

The Defence Army conducted successful defensive battles in the north-eastern, south-south-western directions. One Azeri tank, 1 infantry fighting vehicle and 5 drones were hit by our troops.

In the morning, hostilities resumed in the same directions. In addition to defensive lines, the opponent continues to target peaceful settlements and civilian infrastructure. Azeri forces employed weapons containing chemical components (white phosphorus) prohibited by international conventions.

The Defence Army remains in full control of the tactical situation.

The forces of the adversary used phosphorus munitions, containing elements of chemical weapons, in the Artsakh-Azerbaijani conflict zone. This is a gross violation of international humanitarian law, norms and principles of customary law, Geneva conventions, as well as relevant provision in UN conventions and documents. Further, it does only aim at causing damage to the Armenian Forces, but it also aims at causing massive forest fires and creating real dangers of an environmental disaster in the area.

The prohibition of such actions and the protection of related rights and values are first and foremost in the realm of customary law, and the use of such weapons, which do not create an opportunity of a clear distinction between military and civilian objects, and simultaneously cause an environmental disaster and possible human loss, is a war crime.

Violating the agreement on not targeting peaceful settlements, reached in Geneva through the mediation of the Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, the adversary shelled Stepanakert and Shushi. In Stepanakert, the adversary forces targeted the central market and one residential house. Due to the targeting of the city of Shushi by the adversary, there are wounded among the civilian population.

During the day, Azerbaijan was continuously shelling peaceful settlements of Artsakh

Stepanakert, Martuni and Martakert and Shushi are beings targeted with various rocket launchers.

The details on the affected and the damages suffered are being clarified.

The enemy tried to attack along the entire frontline. The attempts were especially intense in the directions of Martuni and Shushi. In the direction of Martuni, the units of the Defense Army made tactical maneuvers to create more advantageous conditions for fighting on the frontline, which is a part of the strategy.

In the second direction, the Defense Army predicted the possible actions of the enemy and destroyed their columns and manpower at the same place.From now on, the Azeris can call this place "Hell's Gorge"  because they had a lot of losses and their plans completely failed.

Right now, the units of the Defense Army confidently stand on their positions, controlling the operative-tactical situation and ready to stop all the attacks of the enemy.

The Azerbaijani troops, terrorist groups, mercenaries, and bandits have continued their offensive operations in different directions, mainly in small groups, with focal attacks, using artillery, air strikes in some places, and tactical air forces.

During the whole day, no significant positional changes took place in all directions, despite the hostilities. At this moment, the battles continue.

The second mercenary terrorist was shown today, who confessed how he was recruited, paid and used with the other mercenaries, how and in what way the Azerbaijanis use them against Armenians.

No matter how much Turkey and Azerbaijan try to deny the existence of mercenary terrorists, their use in the military actions, we know very well and we have complete information, where, in which place, how they are given tasks, what problem they try to solve with them. Attempts to carry out specific tasks on the front line with them show that the ground potential of the Azerbaijani armed forces has been seriously damaged; the main hope remains these mercenaries.


Սփյուռքի Գլխավոր Հանձնակատարի Գրասենյակ Diaspora High Commissioner's Office