Azerbaijan continues to commit war crimes against civilians

06 November 2020

During the night of November 5th and the early hours of November 6th, combat operations continued along all the multiple sections of the frontline. The Defence Army waged effective defense battles and inflicted heavy equipment and personnel losses on Azerbaijan on the eastern, southern, and southwestern fronts.

Multiple attempts by Azerbaijani offensive units on Shushi were also repelled. The adversary saw serious losses in the southwestern front, near Berdzor.

Azerbaijan continues to commit war crimes against civilians

During the day, cluster munitions were fired at Stepanakert, causing massive destruction in residential areas.

An Azerbaijan missle strike landed on a house in Stepanakert, killing three civilians. 

Thanks to search and rescue operations by the Artsakh Rescue Service, their bodies have been removed from the ruins.

Other residences in the area were partially damaged.

Azeri forces' next target is Shushi. Due to the criminal aggression of Azerbaijan and Turkey, the destruction and the amount of damage in the cultural capital of Artsakh are innumerable.

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