High Commissioner met with the newly appointed Minister of Social Affairs Mr. Mesrop Arakelyan

22 December 2020

High Commissioner Sinanyan met with the newly appointed Minister of Labor & Social Affairs Mr. Mesrop Arakelyan in order to discuss Diaspora professional involvement in assisting with urgent social welfare issues related to the post-war situation in Armenia.

Topics included:

📍the involvement of Diaspora professionals to support local professionals on occupational therapy, assistive technologies, early intervention and physical therapy

📍prosthetics were discussed and the need for Diaspora professionals to support on modern prosthetic technology (both training as well as access to prosthetics)

📍mental / behavioral health and trauma was also discussed and preliminary plans were made to host webinars involving Diaspora mental/behavioral specialists and their local counterparts (similar to the work our office did at the beginning of the Covid crisis)

📍the need to create job opportunities in Artsakh and how our Diaspora compatriots can support with new investments/philanthropy projects

✅If you are a Diaspora Armenian with expertise in any of the aforementioned areas and are interested in becoming involved, please feel free to write an email to our office describing your background and credentials. Diaspora@gov.am


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