The High Commissioner visited the first "No to Genocide" multimedia exhibition in Rostov.

21 April 2021

On the eve of Armenian Genocide remembrance day, High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan visited the “No to Genocide” multimedia exhibition in Rostov. It is held in the largest exhibition hall, “Russia - My History.” 

During his working visit, High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan became acquainted with the exhibits, which were presented with new audiovisual solutions. 

“The organizers did an excellent job. This exhibition calls on the world to remember the most catastrophic days in Armenian history and to recognize the fact of the genocide," said Mr. Sinanyan.

The exhibition was prepared and organized by the Armenian Youth Union of Rostov-on-Don in cooperation with the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute and the local Armenian community. It will be open until April 25th.

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