A specialist from Los Angeles shared new methods of rehabilitation in the field of amputation and prosthetics

27 April 2021

Webinar topic: "Psychological Aspects of Amputations and Prosthetics: An Introduction to Assessment and Treatment Strategies" conducted by Zara Ashikyan, PhD, QME-clinical psychologist, specialist in forensic medicine and neuropsychology from Los Angeles.

This time, as part of the ongoing mental health webinar series, discussion themes included the psychological aspects of prosthetics for servicemen who were amputated as a result of the war. Dr. Ashikyan presented numerous new methods that will contribute to effective recovery processes.

The webinars are organized by our Office, in collaboration with the YSU Center for Applied Psychology, RA National Institute of Health, RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the VIVA Charity Foundation for Doctors and Volunteers.

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