In New Jersey, Zareh Sinanyan visited the Hovnanian School

01 May 2021

Choose Armenian education. In New Jersey, High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan visited the Hovnanian School and toured the school grounds with Director Chris Sarafian. Additionally, Mr. Sinanyan got acquainted with the academic curriculum, met with the teaching staff and students and sat in on some classes. Currently, the school has about 150 students and provides high-quality Armenian education and leisurely activities to all.

Along with the school’s Director and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Nazar Altun, the High Commissioner discussed a number of matters tied to education, in particular those related to the promotion of Armenian schools in the Diaspora and the lack of Western Armenian language specialists. Both parties agreed to involve the Hovnanian School students in our Office’s youth programs, establish a connection with schools in Armenia and initiate mutual visits, when possible.

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