Attorney Shahen Petrosyan Awarded Presidential Medal for Oustanding Service

22 September 2021

Shahen Petrosyan, head of the Association of Armenian Lawyers of Russia, was awarded the second-class Medal of Services to the Motherland by the President of Armenia on the occasion of Armenia’s Independence Day.

We sincerely congratulate Mr. Petrosyan and thank him for his daily work with our Office during the COVID-19 pandemic, war, and the post-war period.

Shahen Petrosyan is the founding president of the Association of Armenian Lawyers of Russia, whose members include more than 400 well-known Armenian lawyers living in Russia. The association has 57 branches in the regions of Russia.

From the very first day of the 44-day Artsakh War, he coordinated a commission set up by the Union of Armenians. He transported three planes with humanitarian aid collected by the Armenians of Russia to Armenia by private means. In coordination with the Armenian Embassy in Russia, he facilitated the transport of about 27 planes full of humanitarian cargo to Armenia.

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