Diaspora Youth Ambassadors Get to Work in Their Communities

07 December 2021

Diaspora Youth Ambassador Program participants are actively engaged in their communities in the second stage of their program. DYAP participant from Belarus Karen Muradyan recently held an informative meeting with Armenian youth from Minsk on the topic of “Turning the Pages of Armenian History.” Meeting attendees joined in for a Q+A session, where they discussed matters related to Armenia-Diaspora relations, as well as Belarus’s Armenian community and strengthening connections with the homeland.

Participant from France Sona Sureken Sungulyan met with the Armenian community of Arnouville to discuss the importance of Diaspora youth involvement in Armenia-Diaspora relations. In addition, Sona held an online meeting with young women from about 15 French cities, and also met with French MP François Pupponi.

Diaspora Youth Ambassador from Georgia Emil Sargsyan held a meeting with Armenian youth at Hayartun and shared information about the program and his future work.

Noemi Stepan-Sarkissian from Great Britain organized a meeting between representatives of the local Armenian community and geographer/cartographer, Ruben Galichian. During the meeting, Mr. Galichian presented historical maps of Armenia and neighboring states, and discussed the current demarcation and delimitation issues between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

DYAP participant from Lebanon Dikran Mihranian hosted two community meetings, entitled “Armenia’s Current State of Affairs” and “The Challenges of Armenian Youth.”

Spain’s Diaspora Youth Ambassador Sarkis Hakobyan held a meeting with teaching staff at Ayb Sunday School, part of the Ararat Association of Armenians of Catalonia, and presented our Office’s programs. Sarkis also held an online meeting with the Armenian Unions of Spain, discussing a number of problems facing the homeland. He also met with Armenian youth in Barcelona.

Program representative in Sweden, Inesa Rubinyan, met with board members of the Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden. The purpose of the meeting was to present information about the Disapora Youth Ambassador Program, answer questions and enlist the support of the Council members for Inessa's work.

Diaspora Youth Ambassador in Ukraine Lilit Beglaryan met with about 30 representatives of the Armenian community in Odessa to discuss a number of matters related to Armenia-Diaspora cooperation.

Given COVID-19 restrictions in different countries, participants tried to hold meetings in smaller groups.

We will share information about future meetings and events organized by our Diaspora Youth Ambassadors soon.

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