Diaspora Youth Ambassadors Conclude Year with Active Projects

30 December 2021

The Diaspora Youth Ambassadors are concluding the year with active projects. At the initiative of the Diaspora Youth Ambassador in Belgium, Sona Bagumyan, Armenian community representatives held a protest rally at the European Council. They were demanding European organizations be consistent and follow through with their decisions, particularly to implement the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on May 21 on the release of prisoners of war and detained persons.

The Youth Ambassador in Austria, Meghrik Ayityan, held meetings with the founder of online platform DiasporArm, Hovel Chenorhokian, and the project coordinator from Armenia, Ani Hovhannisyan. Discussion topics included inter-community relations, communications and prospects for cooperation between the platform and the Diaspora Youth Ambassador network. Additionally, Meghrik Ayityan held a discussion with the Vienna Armenian community organization and shared a presentation on the Diaspora Youth Ambassador Program.

Diaspora Youth Ambassador in the United Kingdom, Noemi Stepan-Sarkissian, also organized a community meeting on the same topic. Following the presentation there was an informal Q&A session where attendees had the opportunity to find out more detail about the program. There was also considerable interest about repatriation and the programs which encourage this process.

Lastly, Diaspora Youth Ambassador in Jerusalem Hakob Djernazian held a community-wide New Year's gathering.

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