The Step Toward Home Program for Diaspora Youth Has Launched

25 March 2022

The Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Armenia announces the call for applications for the two-week, Step Toward Home program. 400 Diaspora youth ages 13-18 will explore Armenia, improve their knowledge of the Eastern and Western Armenian languages, learn Armenian song and dance, visit various historical and cultural sites and educational institutions, and participate in interesting meetings and events. 

Applications will be accepted until May 15, 2022. During the program, all participant expenses in Armenia will be covered by the Government of the Republic of Armenia, including camp, accommodation, meals, visits, etc. 


Applications are open to those young men and women from the Diaspora who are not citizens of the Republic of Armenia (with the exception of those with dual citizenship), and to those who did not previously participate in the Ari Tun and Step Toward Home programs. 

The program begins on June 27 and will be held in 4 phases until August 20. To participate in a preferred phase, participants should fill out the application at an earlier date. 

Those who wish to participate in the program can fill out an application by clicking here. For any questions, they can contact us by email at, or by phone +374 10 515-517, +374 93 492 976 ( WhatsApp, Viber). 


Սփյուռքի Գլխավոր Հանձնակատարի Գրասենյակ Diaspora High Commissioner's Office