Zareh Sinanyan met with the participants of Step Toward Home

21 July 2022

High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan met with the participants of the second round of the Step Toward Home program.

Currently, we have 98 participants coming from 11 different countries. They are staying in Dilijan at the Monte Melkonian Lyceum, which is now also the home for the Armath Technocamp.

During the encounter, where Hayk Chobanyan, the Chief Executive Officer at the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE), was also present, the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs answered the questions of the Diaspora teenagers.

Then, Zareh Sinanyan and Hayk Chobanyan visited the Complex, interacted with the teenagers, and got informed about the current projects of the participants.

The Step Toward Home program still has two more rounds, and this year the program officially comes to an end on August 20.

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