Jirair Jolakian, editor-in-chief of Nor Haratch newspaper, met with the High Commissioner

11 August 2022

On August 10, High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Zareh Sinanyan, hosted Jirair Jolakian, editor-in-chief of the French newspaper Nor Haratch, and Ani Berdoian-Gazarian, director of the new Armenian Nor Haratch branch.

The High Commissioner congratulated the guests, wishing them success in their upcoming activities in Armenia. "Today, Nor Haratch is one of those rare newspapers that not only address the cultural and educational community concerns of all Armenians, particularly those based in France but also remain free of any political stance," noted Zareh Sinanyan.

For their part, the guests expressed interest in the Global Armenian Summit scheduled for October and the programs implemented by the Office. Jirair Jolakian expressed his desire to meet with participants of the fourth round of the Step Toward Home educational and informative program.

During the meeting, issues related to the preservation of Armenian schools, language, culture, songs, and dances in the Diaspora were addressed.

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