The High Commissioner met with Saro Mardiryan

17 August 2022

On August 16, the High Commissioner for the Diaspora Affairs received Saro Mardiryan, Deputy Mayor of Alfortville and Chairman of the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party France (SDHP) and Varazdat Yeghiazaryan, SDHP Board Member.

During the meeting, Zareh Sinanyan expressed interest in the community life of the Armenians of Alfortville, asked about the educational and cultural challenges and steps aimed at preserving and strengthening the Armenian language.

"The Armenian community in France has always been recognized for implementing programs focused on helping the homeland and statehood. That is why French Armenians are always ready to actively participate in the programs carried out by our Office," said Zareh Sinanyan.

Moreover, Saro Mardiryan informed that the SDHP Congress will be held in Yerevan on September 24-26.

They also discussed the importance of strengthening further relations with Armenia

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