Zareh Sinanyan received Armenian artists from the US

25 August 2022

On August 24, High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan hosted Armenian-American artists Hasmik Zalian, Sona Van, Ruzanna Sirunyan, and Siranush Davtyan.

The High Commissioner presented the Office's programs for repatriation, mapping the potential of Diaspora Armenians, as well as the involvement of Diaspora specialists in the Government of the Republic of Armenia, and stressed the active participation of American Armenians in those programs.

The guests introduced their upcoming initiatives for Armenia.

During the meeting, Zareh Sinanyan asked about educational and cultural issues faced by the Armenian community in the United States and the steps taken to preserve and strengthen the Armenian language.

In addition, the artists expressed their willingness to help promote the programs of the Office in the Diaspora.

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