High Commissioner Visits the United States

21 Fabruary 2023

During his working visit to the United States, High Commissioner Sinanyan visited the Armenian community in Dallas, Texas.

He met with TUMO co-founder Mr. Sam Simonian, the visionary patron of the St. Sarkis Armenian Orthodox Church, Mr. Elie Akilian, and Rev. Fr. Ghevond Ajamian. The church which is adorned by a grid of 1.5 million unique pixels inspired by the ornamental motifs on Armenian khachkars (cross-stones), won the 2022 US Building of the Year award.

During a community meet and greet later that day, Mr. Sinanyan met with the members of the Dallas Armenian community, presented the work of our Office and our programs for the Diaspora. The community discussed the importance of cultivating Armenian identity in the Diaspora and the significant role of the Armenian church in this effort.

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