Zareh Sinanyan met with the business circles of Hamburg

15 May 2023

In Hamburg, High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan met with the representatives of the "Mantashyants" business club.

The Armenian representatives of the business community presented their economic activities and business initiatives in Germany. The High Commissioner, in his turn, briefly presented the activities of the office and highly appreciated the activities of the Armenian businessmen.

Zareh Sinanyan also met with the representatives of the Armenian Business Network, most of whom are Armenian specialists and businessmen from various fields.

The participants of the meeting were presented with the investment opportunities offered by Armenia, as well as the programs implemented by the office and other state bodies of Armenia. The questions mainly related to the repatriation, attracting the potential of Diaspora, Armenia's security, military service, socio֊economic programs and steps aimed at improving them.

The High Commissioner also visited the school of the "Armenian Community 1965 of Hamburg" organization, where an Armenian dance group and a choir operate. Zareh Sinanyan toured the school, got acquainted with the activities and existing problems of the school and cultural groups.

The High Commissioner thanked the management of the school, highly appreciated the work of the school and cultural groups for the preservation of the Armenian identity.

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