High Commissioner meets with High-Tech Industry Minister

08 January 2024

Zareh Sinanyan, the RA High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, held a meeting with Mkhitar Hayrapetyan, the RA Minister of High-tech Industry.

In their discussion, Zareh Sinanyan extended congratulations to Mkhitar Hayrapetyan on his new ministerial role and expressed optimism about its potential impact.

Sinanyan remarked, "I believe your appointment holds promise for advancing the high-tech sector. This domain holds immense significance for our nation, and having a coordinated force can be a pivotal driver for its growth. Leveraging the professional capacity of the Diaspora can provide an extra edge."

In response, Minister Hayrapetyan thanked Zareh Sinanyan for the well-wishes and highlighted the wide scope for collaboration. He emphasized, "There are strong foundations for collaboration across various realms, particularly in information and high technologies. I'm confident that we can achieve substantial progress in a remarkably short span."

Throughout their meeting, they discussed bilateral issues and highlighted existing opportunities for cooperation across multiple domains.

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