Zareh Sinanyan is on a working visit to Australia

13 Fabruary 2024

The High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Zareh Sinanyan, is on a working visit to Australia for the first time. As part of his visit to the community, the High Commissioner visited the AGBU Alexander Primary School in Sydney.

Mr. Sinanyan was warmly greeted by students who began the visit with a presentation which included song and dance related to Vartanants Day. Principal Manoug Demirjian, accompanied by members of the school board, gave a tour of the classrooms and facilities. He also discussed the curriculum, their programs, and needs with the High Commissioner.


The primary school caters to students from Preparatory to Year 6. The curriculum focuses on academic, spiritual, cultural, physical and practical areas of learning. It includes teaching in both Eastern and Western Armenian, STEM programs, fostering creativity within the arts and technological field, along with personalized learning in small classes.

At the end of the meeting, the High Commissioner thanked the school board and the teaching staff for carrying out one of the most important missions in the Diaspora - providing Armenian education. Zareh Sinanyan also highly appreciated Principal Manoug Demirjian's willingness to collaborate and noted the importance of his participation as a speaker at the 2022 Global Armenian Summit in Yerevan.

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