Our Repats: Luca Keushguerian

19 November 2019

Meet Luca Keushguerian, an outdoor educator from Vermont on a mission to vitalize Armenia’s rock climbing community. After a life-changing experience summiting Mt. Ararat at the age of sixteen, he was determined to help others discover the transformative potential of climbing mountains.

When Luca was first introduced to climbing in Armenia back in 2009, there were only a handful of names in the game. He moved to Yerevan earlier this year in order to help change that, and is working adamantly towards building a community of “Armenians teaching Armenians how to climb” through starting his own guiding company, Redpoint Adventures.
For Luca, the key to success in Armenia is being passionate about what you do: “I like to say that Armenia is the land of opportunity - if you want to come here and start something, chances are you will succeed if you try hard enough.”


Interested in learning more about climbing in Armenia? Check out Luca’s premier guiding service, Redpoint Adventures, or reach out to him directly at Luca@redpointadventuresarmenia.com. Let’s help him put Armenia on the global climbing  map!


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