A summary of the second day of the war against Artsakh

29 September 2020

The Armenian subdivisions firmly have been repelling encroachments of the Azerbaijani subdivisions, undertaking appropriate actions, causing significant losses of the adversary’s personnel and equipment. Intense fighting continued overnight in the southern, south-eastern and northern directions of the front line.

As a result of the counterattack undertaken by the units of the Defense Army, the opponent suffered heavy losses of manpower and military equipment. The Defense Army restored a number of previously lost positions.

Defense Army in the southeastern direction of the front line, the opponent launched a tank attack. Meeting the persistent resistance of tank and anti-tank units of Defense Army, the opponent lost ten pieces of its armored vehicles in the battle. The fights continue. The operative-tactical situation is under the control of the Defense Army units.

The opponent has launched a new large-scale offensive in the direction of Araks valley and Mataghis-Talish. The Artsakh Defense Army successfully resists all attacks and offensives, causing significant losses of personnel and equipment of the opponent. At the moment, 22 percent of opponent tanks and 10 other armored vehicles have been destroyed. More than 370 servicemen were neutralized. They have a large number of wounded. According to the information received, the number of seriously wounded soldiers is 35%.

Currently, the Armenian Army has a total of 84 casualties.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had a phone conversation with UN Secretary General António Guterres on the latter's initiative.

The Prime Minister discussed about the situation on the Karabagh-Azerbaijani border and stressed on the fact that the war was unleashed by Azerbaijan. Nikol Pashinyan stated that unlike the escalations of the past years, this one is characterized by Turkey's very active and biased position, as well as its direct and destabilizing presence in Azerbaijani operations.

The international press has started reporting about Turkey's involvement in bringing Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan. Read about the truth from Reuters and The Guardian here: https://reut.rs/2HFhktK, https://bit.ly/3jhVDhq 

Thousands of volunteers have already joined the Defense Army. There are many people coming from the Motherland, Armenia, we have hundreds of applications from the Diaspora. The unity and collective will of our compatriots make our victory unstoppable.

Today we are stronger than ever, like our mountains, and the opponent is falling at our feet everywhere.

The victory is ours.

Սփյուռքի Գլխավոր Հանձնակատարի Գրասենյակ Diaspora High Commissioner's Office